Corvallis leads country in bicycle commuting

Corvallis leads country in bicycle commuting

CORVALLIS, Ore. - The City of Corvallis has pedaled its way to the top biking city in America, according to a release from the U. S. Census.

A huge number of those cyclists are students and faculty at Oregon State University, where demand for bike parking raced ahead of existing facilities last yar.

And the university is pedaling as fast as it can to keep up with demand for places to park a bike and lock it on the Oregon State campus.

According to OSU, 20 to 30 percent of their students are commuting by bike to work. Ten to 20 percent of faculty and staff  share the same mode of transportation.

"I actually commute on my bike every day to school," Tucker Doyle said, a junior at OSU.

The bike commuter said as more of his fellow classmates start biking to school, it becomes difficult for students to find a parking spot.

"It was hard to find a spot where there's traffic around Dixon's," said Doyle.

But this week, Doyle said he had no trouble.

"Now they've got bike racks in pretty much every area of campus, and that's really nice," Doyle said.

OSU recently put five new bike installations at different areas around campus.

"Each one of these covered installations will hold 48 bikes," said Rainier Farmer, Chair of OSU's Alternative Transportation Committee. "There's 24 hoops, and you park on each side of the hoop."

In a survey in 2008, only 75 percent of the bike racks on the OSU campus were utilized.

In 2010, 100 percent of those bike racks were utilized.

"All the racks were full and people were parking on side posts and trees, anything they could find," Farmer said.

Farmer said as enrollment increases, the university anticipates installing at least 100 more bike racks in the near future.

"Our challenge is to kind of stay ahead of the curve and make sure that we have enough facilities," Farmer said.

The recent release from the U. S. Census Bureau also ranks Corvallis as the second best city to walk to work.