What a transformation! Man drops 271 pounds

What a transformation! Man drops 271 pounds »Play Video
The "new" Mike O'Neill weighs in at 174 pounds. That's down from 445 pounds two years ago. (Photos: Facebook/"BFT 'I'm with Mike' Campaign")

PORTLAND, Ore. – 271 pounds. For a little perspective, that’s about 80 pounds more than an average grown man weighs.

It’s also the total amount of weight that Mike O’Neill lost during his amazing two-year transformation.

Two years ago, a 445-pound O’Neill showed up to an eating contest fundraiser for the Bald Faced Truth Foundation. It was hosted by sports columnist and radio host John Canzano.

On Friday, O’Neill walked with his friends and supporters in Clackamas to show off his svelte new frame. He took a minute to reflect on how his life has changed with his weight loss, including something that a smaller person might not consider.

“If someone parks their car too close to mine, I’m not getting in or I have to wait for them to leave or go around the other way,” he said. “You don’t have to think about that when you’re not heavy.”

His drive to lose weight started when Canzano approached O’Neill after that eating contest. He asked if O’Neill was interested in shedding the pounds and possibly sharing his story with Canzano’s radio listeners.

O’Neill was very interested and people started following his progress. Before long, local gyms donated time with trainers, stores donated shoes and hospitals donated doctors to the cause.

“He was willing to do whatever it took and motivated to break out from the lifestyle he had created that had really swallowed him,” said Dr. Erik McClain.

There’s even a Facebook page with more than 650 people who support O’Neill.

“It’s amazing,” Canzano said. “I just saw him jog across the parking lot. He left something in his car and he just jogged there.”

O’Neill currently tips the scales at a mere 174 pounds. He said he’s now working harder than ever to stay fit and healthy.

“Just enjoying life. Just being able to get up every day,” he said. “Not to have to be like ‘aw, what an effort.’ When you’re that big, everything is an effort.”