Business feels duped by fake cancer patient

Business feels duped by fake cancer patient »Play Video

SPRINGFIELD, ORE. - Police say an Oregon man faked cancer and duped businesses and charities in the process.

Charles Embleton was arrested on Wednesday after Springfield Police said they found no proof he had cancer.

Embleton reached out to Papa's Pizza Parlor, churches and the community for help fighting what he said was pancreatic cancer."

Police said Embleton collected close to $5,000 wihin the last year; $1,600 was collected from a fundraiser at Papa's Pizza Parlor.

Embleton's wife Kelly tearfully said her family needed the money they received from the fundraisers.

"I'm sorry, and truly if I knew it's not like I wouldn't have stopped it," said Kelly Embleton.

When KVAL News asked Embleton if he was sick, he said 'I don't really know how to respond to that.'"

When Papa's Group Vice President Randy Wallachy heard these words come from Embleton's mouth, he couldn't believe what he heard.Randy Wallachy, Vice President for Papa's Group.

"We tend to trust people when they come in for fundraisers like that," Wallachy said. "They're part of the community and it's important to us."

Papa's Pizza said it takes the right precautions by making sure a bank account is set up for a fundraiser.

Despite this incident, Papa's Pizza plans to keep on holding fundraisers for the community.

"We're obviously not happy that it happened, but we're proud of all the fund raising events that we do," Wallachy said.

Papa's Pizza Parlor said even if they are refunded the money from Embleton's fundraiser, they plan to give it to a charitable cause.