Death row doggie still on the loose

Death row doggie still on the loose
Blue the dog

ALBANY, Ore. - A famous dog on Albany's doggie death row is still missing.

His owner told KVAL News that he's happy that the dog is free from custody.

Blue the dog was stolen from his kennel at the Albany Pet Hotel sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

He was sentenced to die last September after biting a toddler and breaking the skin.

Blue was being held at the hotel in the custody of the city while his case was being battled out in court.

His owner, Rich Raymond, is now weighing in on the crime.

"I believe that somebody, somebody intervened because they saw that he was dying," said Raymond.

Raymond said he was notified by his lawyer and the pet hotel on Monday that Blue was stolen.

"After my conversation with the owners of the pet hotel, they seem to believe that it was someone who was saving him," Raymond said.

Blue hasn't been seen since Monday after pet hotel owners found a broken fence and window leading into his kennel.

Raymond said he doesn't know who took Blue but said he visited the dog two days before he was taken and was concerned about his health.

"He, in my opinion, was dying. His rapid weight loss and the deterioration of his muscle tissue was quite evident," said Raymond.

Albany police said on Wednesday that they still don't have any leads in the case but are still treating it as an active investigation.

For now Raymond said he's hoping everyone learns from Blue.

"I hope that what comes out of this is that everybody realizes that when there's a situation where there's injustice, people will band together and make sure that justice prevails," he said.