Studs, chains or studless tires: Which is best on snow and ice?

Studs, chains or studless tires: Which is best on snow and ice? »Play Video

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Schmunk Auto Service in Springfield is busy popping steel into studded tires for the winter season.

"It's a painstaking process, done one at a time," said Brandon Schmunk, sales manager for Schmunk Auto Service.

Schmunk Auto Service has taken several orders for the popular winter tire in the last two days. Schmunk said studded tires do particularly well on ice.

"The carbide pins protrude a little bit so that you can get better traction on the ice," Schmunk said.

While studded tires may provide protection for motorists on icy roads, the Oregon Department of Transportation said the metal inside the tires does quite a bit of damage on the roads.

According to ODOT, studded tires cause $40 million in damage to roads in the state of Oregon every year.

Right now a petition is circulating that could lead to a vote on a ban on studded tires as early as next year.

If you are a motorist looking for a tire that won't lose its grip or beat up the roads, Schmunk said studless tires are the way to go.

"In deeper snow, the studless and the studded tire will perform almost identical," Schmunk said.

Tire chains are also a cheap alternative, according to Schmunk.

"The reason why they're so good is because they provide lateral traction," Schmunk said.

Schmunk also said it's up to the motorist to decide whichever way they wish to get through the winter.

"If people are going to drive on the road, we want people on a packed snow surface to be just as safe as we are when they're coming at us at 30 miles an hour," Schmunk said.

Motorists can use studded tires in Oregon from Nov. 1 through March 31.