Landlord, tenant resolve U.S. flag dispute

Landlord, tenant resolve U.S. flag dispute

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A dispute over where and when a tenant can hang his American flag in a common area of his apartment complex has been resolved, the property manager said Friday morning.

St. Vincent de Paul said Edward Zivica has "agreed to provide a list of dates when he would like to fly is flag. St. Vincent de Paul granted him permission to fly the flag on those dates, provided it is done in a manner that's respectful to the flag and our other tenants," the non-profit, which manages the housing complex, said in a press release.

Earlier this week, KVAL News reported that Zivica, a Navy veteran, received a letter from the property manager telling him to stop hanging the flag outside in a common area in violation of his lease agreement or face eviction.

Since the story went nationwide, Zivica said people have been calling and harassing the on-site property manager. He told KVAL News he wants that to stop: he thinks the people who work at the apartments were only following the rules and doing their jobs.

This is a developing story. Watch and KVAL 13 TV News for updates