Police: Son shoots father while deer hunting

Police: Son shoots father while deer hunting

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Police say a 23-year-old Myrtle Creek man accidentally shot his father on Friday, after mistaking him for a deer in the Beals Creek area.

Douglas County Sheriff's deputies were called to a BLM road near Days Creek where a man had been shot.

Police say three people were hunting in the area and spotted several deer in a draw. Officers say Ronald Dean Beam, 49, of Myrtle Creek, walked into the draw to try and flush the deer out.

Ronald shot one in the unit and continued through after he thought he saw more of them.

His son, Chad Evan Beam, 23, also of Myrtle Creek, then shot what he thought was a deer moving through the area.

Police say what he actually shot, was his father, who police say was wearing a brown jacket.

Ronald was taken to Mercy Medical Center for treatment. Medical personnel said the bullet missed all of his bones and vital organs, going through a bicep and continuing through his chest and exiting out his back.

He has since been discharged from the hospital.

Deputy Dwes Hutson says they recommend anyone who goes out hunting should wear high visibility clothing, such as hunter orange, so they can easily be distinguished from the game.