Marines in Afghanistan explain their tattoos

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"To live or to die"
  • Nothing lasts... forever
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  • Relentless misery
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  • Three Deployments, Two Births Missed
  • "To live or to die"
  • The dove
"To live or to die"
His moto or motivation tat, USMC (United States Marine Corps), was inked on his skin the day he finished boot camp. "I was motivated, still am kind of," he says. Echo Company's infantry rifleman Cpl Philip Charte describes his next tattoos - two Chinese characters. "To live and to die," Charte says fighting back the smile before continuing. He is a serious Marine, but he has a wide smile, which accents his high check bones and dimples. "That's my feeling you should have a choice to live or to die," he says and the smile is gone.