The Virgin Pretzel?

The Virgin Pretzel?
NORTH EUGENE - A salty treat or religious miracle? A pretzel resembling the Virgin Mary is turning some into least believers that folks will buy anything on the internet.

"If you look right there you can see her head tilted and then the little baby in the pretzel!" jokes Chad "Tanner" Haney. "Look at the little baby in the pretzel!"

Look close and if you're hungry for a miracle, you might just make out the Virgin Mary cradling the baby Jesus in this pretzel. "I saw a similarity between a pretzel and a photo," says Michael Fleming, owner of the pretzel.

Fleming says he found this twisted treasure in a bag of Rold Gold pretzels three years ago. He and three co-workers posted it on Ebay Wednesday. "We're kind of capitalizing on the stupidity of Ebay and that people will buy anything," says Haney.

Anything like this infamous grilled cheese Madonna. It sold for more than 28 thousand dollars in 2004. In 2005 a similar pretzel sold to an online casino for more than 10 grand. "People seemed generally moved by these images," says Fleming. "And they really seem to believe that the Virgin Mary is before them."

Now these guys say it's their turn. In the first hour alone the bidding hit a thousand dollars. That's enough to make these seller believe they might just get their miracle.

"I would find the money to be a blessing," says Fleming. Adds Haney, "This is authentic. Straight from the heavens and right on Ebay."

The pretzel will be up on Ebay until March 1st.