Skateboarding comes to local P.E. class

Skateboarding comes to local P.E. class
ALBANY, Ore. - Time for P.E.! But, before these kids can get their sweat on, they have to get their gear on. Teacher Jake Gerig recently brought a Colorado-based skateboarding curriculum into his gym class at Oak Elementary School in Albany.

He wanted to get his kids to enjoy being active. And so far, it seems to be working.

"It's really fun," said fifth-grader Nicole Sedlacek.

"I like the adrenaline rush, and it's just really fast," said fifth-grader Roc Hodges. "It's like you're about to do something really amazing and awesome."

The physical benefits of skateboarding are pretty amazing. It works your core and really works on your balance. So, these kids are burning calories and also building muscle.

"You burn anywhere from 450 to 500 calories per hour of skateboarding," said Gerig.

It may look scary, but that isn't stopping these guys and gals for giving it their best shot.

"We have the pads so it's not so bad when we fall so it doesn't hurt," said Sedlacek.

Less than a month on wheels, Gerig's class is catching on quickly.

"I've learned an Ollie," said Hodges. "I'm learning a kick-flip and I'm trying to do all kinds of stuff that's hard."

And they're taking what they're learning home with them.

"I skate at home," said Hodges. "I sometimes go to the skate park."

They're not just skateboarding tips, but also some life lessons.

"You do it once and that it kind of seems less scary," said Hodges. "And, then you keep doing it and doing it until it's not really scary anymore. You gotta face your fears."

You're probably wondering why the kids had plastic bags on top of their heads.They help prevent spreading head lice and help keep the helmets sweat-free.