Eugene voted second-best small city for commuting

Eugene voted second-best small city for commuting
According to, Eugene is the second best small city in the country for commuting.

The online magazine cites short travel times for getting to work, and the three-percent of the people who walk to their jobs.

While the ranking is great, we did notice a slight problem with the Forbes report. Each top city was accompanied by a picture, but this photo Forbes used for Eugene certainly isn't our city.

Forbes was contacted to ask them where it came from.

Debbie Weathers, the Director of Editorial Communications didn't know, but promised the picture would be changed as soon as possible.

The incorrect image has been identified as being from Fresno, CA.

The updated picture now shows the new LTD buses.

The best small city for commuting is Corpus Christi, Texas, and the worst is Birmingham, Alabama.