Traffic signal slow? You can help

Traffic signal slow? You can help

EUGENE, Ore. - The traffic light that stays red too long can be a problem for motorists.

Traffic signals used to work on crude timers. More modern signals are tied into computers and can be programmed.

But not all signals are perfectly adjusted. A national group recently gave the U.S. a grade of 'D' when it comes to traffic signal efficiency.

That leaves room for improvement.

Eugene-area residents suggested a list of "loser lights" - the ones that ruin your day, make you late for work or get you in trouble at home.

But for the most part, the lights in Eugene seemed to be working OK -- except in one case. The pedestrian signal at Franklin and Henderson doesn't work.

That's a tell-tale sign something is wrong, said Tom Larsen, a Eugene traffic engineer.

If you live in Eugene, you can help by calling (541) 682-4800 to report lights that aren't working. Outside Eugene, contact your city or county and ask for the traffic engineer. Your tip could help your town fix a problem - and help you get home from work a few precious moments faster.

You can also report "loser lights" to KVAL News.