Mom outraged her son's killer being released from prison

Mom outraged her son's killer being released from prison »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - It was one of Lane County's most notorious crimes, called the "gang mom murder."

A teen was shot and killed, and two other teens were arrested. Then investigators discovered a local mom - who was an anti-gang activist - arranged the murder.

Now the shooter is about to be released from prison - and the victim's mother learned of the release by automated phone call.

On Mother's Day.

The murder victim's mother, Janyce Iturra, is angry her son's killer will soon walk the streets a free man. She worries Elstad hasn't done all his time behind bars.

"I don't have a whole lot," she said. "I lost his whole life but I hang onto those things that have his signature on it."

The so-called "gang mom" - Mary Thompson - is serving a 25 year sentence for ordering the hit on Aaron Iturra, who was going to testify against Thompson's son.
The shooter, Jim Elstad, and an accomplice both pleaded guilty to murder. Now Elstad is set to be released from prison on June 10.

Elstad shot and killed Iturra in October 1994 as the 17-year-old slept in the family garage in northwest Eugene.
Elstad pleaded guilty and received 16 years in prison.

"I would liked them to have the same sentence that I'm getting, death," Janyce Iturra said at the time. "I've lost one of my children, and if you've never lost, you have no idea what i'm going through."

Now, because of good behavior, Elstad is about to get out of prison more than three years early.

"I don't get my son back in any amount of years," Iturra said.

Iturra also believes Elstad hasn't served all his time. She thinks Elstad received a six month sentence for contempt of court. KVAL has been unable to confirm that sentence.