'KKK' burned in couple's lawn

'KKK' burned in couple's lawn
Jonathan and Sol Whyte, holding a friend's child, talk on Tuesday, May 27, 2008, about finding a cross and the letters "KKK" burned into their lawn late Monday night in Medford, Ore.

MEDFORD, Ore. - Medford Police say someone burned a cross and the letters KKK into the lawn of a man from Jamaica.

The letters stand for the Ku Klux Klan.

Police said Sol Whyte went outside her house just before midnight Monday to see the burning. Neighbors who saw the burning chased the suspects on foot, but they got away, according to police.

Whyte's husband is Jamaican. She said she has never encountered such racism.

Police agree.

"It's really an isolated incident," said Lt. Tim Doney of the Medford police.

Toney said out of 80,000 calls last year, only one was reported as being racially motivated. In August 2007, a group of white men picked a fight with some black men in downtown Medford.

Police also found a modified firework in the yard. They found another one a few blocks away.