Groups call sign hate speech: 'We're not going to let it go unanswered'

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'Anti-racial is being pro human'
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  • 'Anti-racial is being pro human'
  • ODOT: Safety trumps free speech
  • Interstate 5 bicycle-pedestrian bridge between Eugene and Springfield
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'Anti-racial is being pro human'
"One of my kids actually showed me a Facebook posting of it yesterday, and that's how I found out," said Eric Richardson, president of the local NAACP. "I think being anti-racial is being pro human."

Richardson said if the sign is speaking against anything, it is speaking against multiculturalism.

"I understand that there could be a positive view on that is people are trying to assert their personhood and their identity which is a positive thing but we don't have to be anti anything to do that," Richardson said. "I teach my kids that we're all one people and and to really respect other people's cultures and identities, and so I consider that being anti-racial."