Officer struck by car is out of hospital

Officer struck by car is out of hospital
SUTHERLIN, Ore. - The Sutherlin police officer hit by a car this week on old Highway 99 is out of the hospital and recovering at home.

Rich Hopkins was removing metal debris from the roadway Monday near the 135 freeway interchange when a car sideswipped him.

Hopkins told his story to KPIC Wednesday and said he parked his patrol car on the side of the road while he removed large pieces of metal.

Hopkins said his vehicle had flashing lights on but a car drove-by wanting to take a left turn.

Hopkins said that car was behind his patrol car and blocked his warning lights from the driver who ended up hitting him.

Hopkins said, "I was totally surprised. I could tell my leg was trashed. I was wondering if my career was over.  I didn't know how bad the fractures were."

Hopkins said the car hit his left side and his radio flew off onto the roadway. However, the radio still worked and someone alerted dispatch about the accident with it.

Hopkins has five to seven fractures in his left leg, and had surgery Tuesday.

He said he may need another one in a few months and his right ankle may be broken.

During his interview, Hopkins said he considers himself lucky and the accident could've been a lot worse.