How to increase the value of your house in a buyer's market

How to increase the value of your house in a buyer's market

EUGENE, Ore. -- Four bedrooms, three and a half baths in a quiet south Eugene neighborhood. The serenity you'll find in this house isn't reflected in the housing market.

"We understand totally that the market is pretty scary right now," said home seller Bill Klupenger.

Klupenger and Jean Sun have lived here for 12 years. They put their house on the market a month ago. Jean said lots of people have expressed interest -- but interest doesn't mean a sale.

"They couldn't sell their house so they can't buy our house," said Sun.

While no one can control the market, folks can control the value of their homes by some making minor improvements.

"We just painted and cleaned the carpet," said Klupenger.

"We changed the bathroom light fixture to make it more modern," said Sun.

One of the best home investments you can make when selling your house is to make sure all the metal matches, from your towel racks to your robe hooks all the way to your faucets in your sinks in your kitchens. That's one of the best ways to get the biggest bang for your buck.

"I think you would easily get 100 percent back easily," said Jerry's Home Improvement Center Facilitator Drew Clark.

Drew Clark said you should focus your renovations on bathrooms and kitchens.

"Other things like molding and stuff like that can help but you may not get the full investment out of it," said Clark.

Details are really important when showing your home to buyers. Besides painting and matching metals, experts recommend making sure your house is clean and clutter-free before prospective buyers arrive.

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