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Is it safe to live in Eugene?

What should the city do to create jobs?

Should the city ban criminals from downtown Eugene?

What happened to the West Eugene Parkway?

What needs to be done downtown?

How do you lead?

Which comes first: police or parks?

David Walker: I'd like to give you a minute just talk about directly to the voter why you want to be the mayor again and why you think you deserve the job.

Kitty Piercy: Well, I appreciate that question, and first of all I just want to say thank you to the public for voting me in as mayor for the last fpir years and giving me this opportunity.

From the very beginning I focused on the economy and jobs, and I've been focused like a laser on that for the last four years.

And I've been focused on improving our downtown, and I've been focused on keeping our neighborhoods safe and protecting our environmental assets and made progress in all of those.

If you look at that, we have brought jobs in. National Geographic named us the number one Green City. Forbes named us number 36 our of the top 200 cities to do business in. So we are in fact moving our economy along, taking care of our resources and addressing those issues that I just talked about.

Two developments in our downtown to move us forward there, two housing developments in our downtown as well. All of that's going to help move us forward in that respect. A new economy and really bringing in jobs and really bringing .. helping jobs here expand, enterprise zone to have our local businesses expands. We're on the road to progress. we've been making a lot of success and i've enjoyed working with people to do that and would like to continue. thanks.

Jim Torrey: Well first and foremost, my wife and I have lived here for 43 years. All of our children were born here, all of our grandchildren were born here. They all still live in this community and I want to make sure that they will want to continue living here in the future and that they'll be able to live here in the future.

Of course that means jobs. It means a place where it's safe so they can raise their children and their grandchildren here, too.

Now why I believe I would make a good mayor. I think I was a good mayor before, but I work very well with our local government partners and nothing will come to this community in the form of transportation unless all of our partners agree with it.

And if we lose a job base like Symantec leaving downtown eugene because they were concerned about the activities down there, I work very hard to make sure they go to Springfield because at least we don't lose the jobs.