Fences make good neighbors -- and political signs

Fences make good neighbors -- and political signs

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. -- Duane Taddei is known for his Halloween and Christmas decorations at the corner of Main and R street.

He applied the same ingenuity to his election decorations -- and thinks, in light of a Veneta man's homemade signs, that his sign warrants some attention, too.

"Why not cover a positive 'unofficial political sign' while you're at it!" he wrote in response to a story about a Veneta man's signs that compare Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden and suggest some voters support him out of "white guilt."

"I am a 31-year-old WHITE guy," Taddei wrote, "and am voting for Obama because I believe that he is the best choice for president, not because I feel guilty. Never have felt guilty. Slavery happened, and it is history, get over it, learn about it, understand it, prevent it from happening again and get on with your life."

Earlier this year, the Taddei's neighbors, Jim and Janet of Pam’s Sunnyside Florist, sent over two red and white mum flower baskets to decorate the fence’s election message.

And beyond sending a political message, the fence helps make the neighborhood safe for children.

"As people drive by and read it, the fast traffic on our busy corner slows down, so it is safer for the children," said Duane's wife, Birdy.