So far, 18 people wet pants at Haunted Barn

So far, 18 people wet pants at Haunted Barn »Play Video

METZ HILL, Ore. -- There are a lot of Halloween events this week, and one in particular has captured a lot of attention over the last month.

The Metz Hill Haunted Barn has lived up to its expectations, with 37 people needing to be escorted out of the haunted house and 18 confirmed to have wet their pants while going through.

This haunted house is not only scary, but it's also supporting a local organization. They have raised over 5,000 pounds of food for UCAN's Food Bank, and they still have two more days to go. 

"We believe that this week is gonna be a mad house. And we are hoping to raise between 2 and 5 thousand pounds alone in the next three to four days here. So, we are excited about that push," said Pete Hayes, owner of the barn.  

The barn is open Thursday from 6 p.m. to midnight.

"Now, Halloween we are going to stay open probably until about 2 a.m., and obviously if the parking lot is still full we are going to keep on going. We are going to rock around the clock if we can. We want to get as many scares in as we can. Be as kid friendly as we can that night, so make sure all the family members come out and we will get a little tickle in your spine."

The entrance fee is $15, but if you bring cans of food, the ticket is only $10.

The haunted barn is located off the Metz Hill exit off of I-5. You can see more about the Metz Hill Haunted Barn at their Web site.