From cancer to 'Christmas Carol'

From cancer to 'Christmas Carol' »Play Video
The new Fred Crafts

EUGENE, Ore. -- Fred Crafts used to earn his living as an arts critic, an arts editor, an arts journalist.

Then he fought cancer -- and won.

The new Fred Crafts has left the audience and climbed on stage, writing and performing theatric radio dramas.

"It's a radio theater version of 'A Christmas Carol,' " Crafts said of his latest work."I've added new scenes and characters to help out Dickens just a bit."

Performances are at the Pleasant Hill Community Theater on Friday, Dec. 12, and Sunday, Dec. 14. On Saturday, Dec. 13, the show moves to the Shedd Institute in Eugene, Ore.

You can take any of those opportunities to go see Fred Crafts. The last time we checked in with Fred, he was battling cancer.

"I was taking a shower and I came along bumps in my neck," Crafts said. "It felt like marbles had been inserted under my skin, and I thought, 'That's not right.' "

What followed were the nasty effects of chemotherapy.

"I finally realized that I had a disease that could kill me and a treatment that could kill the disease," Crafts said, "so no wonder I felt tired some of the time."

That experience inspired him to live life to the fullest. Meet the top-hatted dramatic Fred Crafts, who faces new challenges putting on live radio dramas.

"For me lately, I've had a new career in finding new sound effects," Crafts said.

Turns out, there can be a good side to almost anything, even an awful disease like cancer.

"Life is precious," crafts said. "You can't take it for granted. You should take advantage of everything, every minute, every day."