Jet makes emergency landing in Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. -- An American Airlines passenger jet bound from Portland, Ore., to Dallas, Texas, experienced engine problems after takeoff and landed safely at the Eugene airport, over 100 miles south of where the plane took off.

Everyone on board is OK. Passengers were booked on a Horizon Airlines flight back to Portland that left at noon.

Flight 9232 landed safely in Eugene at 10:48 a.m. after pilots received a warning message about high oil temperatures in one of the engines and shut it down after takeoff from Portland en route to the Dallas Fort-Worth, according to Tim Smith at American Airlines in Dallas.

Smith said it is standard procedure to shut the engine down to avoid any further damage to anything if there is indeed a problem and not just a faulty warning light.

"The aircraft is designed to fly that way," Smith said. "The crews train continuously for this kind of thing and the landing was quite normal." 

Ironically, Smith said, there were some American Airlines mechanics on board who will examine the plane in Eugene. The mechanics will likely stay with the plane until it can fly, he said.

Smith said this morning's incident was "not a dangerous situation"

The plane would have landed back at the Portland airport except for concerns about fog, Smith said. The plane was diverted to Eugene, where other airline's MD-80s routinely take off and land even though American does not have service to or from Eugene.

The twin-engine plane had about 25 paying passengers on board and ten or more American Airlines employees. The flight was a non-scheduled flight bringing people to Dallas after their original flight was canceled Wednesday when some de-icing fluid entered some air intakes on the plane, causing a strong odor and some haze in the cabin.