39th Bee Weekend: 'You'll see and learn a lot of new things'

39th Bee Weekend: 'You'll see and learn a lot of new things'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The 39th annual Bee Weekend started Friday, bringing local beekeepers together with community members to celebrate all things about the black and yellow.

People interested in attending won't feel the sting in their wallet, as the event is free to the public. The event runs through Saturday at the Glory Bee factory off Airport Road.

“You'll see and learn a lot of new things like how they help plants and flowers,” said Taylor Manley a 5th grader at O'hara Catholic School.

There are about 8 million bees buzzing around Lane County. Glory Bee Honey vice president Alan Turanski said local beekeepers are now swarming to pick them up for backyard honey production.

Turanski said the event showcases beekeeping practices, demonstrations and honey tastings while also illustrating how vital bees are to our ecosystem. 

The seasoned beekeeper knows that it takes a gentle hand when working with bees.

“If you’re gentle with them, and not disrupting their home, they’re going to be gentle with you,” said Turanski.

The event is a big draw for local keepers like Ray Peterson, who has been working with bees for around 20 years.

“It’s a great thing if somebody is looking for a hobby, an interest, they can spend some time in,” said Peterson.

A woman was taken to the hospital after being stung by bees at Friday's event, Glory Bee's director of marketing Bonnie Larson said.

She purchased a small colony of bees at the event and bumped the lid off the container while loading it into her truck, Larson said. 

The woman is reportedly in good condition.