Bungee jumper survives fall after cord breaks

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YACOLT, Wash. -- A Bellevue man was on his second bungee jump from the 200-foot high Canyon Creek Bridge near Yacolt when the cord snapped.

Clark County sheriff's Sgt. Bill Roberts said Mark Afforde fell about 25 feet Thursday and landed in shallow water.

Afforde, 49, was with a group of fellow Boeing workers who were bungee jumping from the canyon bridge in Southwest Washingon.

"The first jump was just phenomenal," Afforde said Thursday night outside the hospital, where even doctors were amazed he wasn't seriously injured.

Afforde said he couldn't resist a second jump. But, just as he reached the bottom of the canyon, the cord snapped.

"I was just along for the ride. I had no idea what was going on," he said.

"I heard and saw the snap. I definitely felt the impact, and I was underwater. Once I checked and made certain I could still move and everything was working I felt I needed to get out of the water.

He was able to walk to shore, and paramedics took him to Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver.

"I am incredibly fortunate," Afforde said.

The Canyon Creek Bridge has been a bungee jumping destination for at least 10 years and there had never been an accident prior to Thursday.

Despite the scare, Afforde said he would bungee jump again.

"Bungee jumping is a gas," hs said. "This was my second jump today, but this was my first time I've ever bungee jumped."

But Mark's wife might have something to say about that. She told KGW-TV that this will likely be Mark's last trip.