$16 million moves police from City Hall to Country Club Road

$16 million moves police from City Hall to Country Club Road

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Eugene City Council reviewed a $16 million proposal to move the Eugene Police Department out of City Hall and onto Country Club Road.

At first, the council alked about a new home for the police department, but then the whole discussion focused on the future of City Hall, and one councilman cut to the chase.

"I realize it's my opinion but I think this building sucks," Councilor Chris Pryor said.

Reviews of the building say City Hall could collapse on police in a major earthquake.

"I'm reluctant to spend more money to accommodate police in this ugly building," Councilor Chris Pryor said of the City Hall police station, "because I don't think that is the wisest use of the money."

City manager Jon Ruiz's plan: move the police to an office building on Country Club Road. Price tag: $16 million.
The price was not right for some councilors.

"You had this sample motion here to buy this building which came, as far as I'm concerned, came out of nowhere," said Councilor Betty Taylor.

"I really believe that the police should be with city hall," Councilor George Brown said.

Others argued that even if city hall is brought up to earthquake standards, the Country Club Road plan has merit.

"It is a re-use," said Council Alan Zelenka. "It appears to be cost effective. It's big enough and has future expansion capability."

"I think at least we should try to buy an option on it," said Councilor Mike Clark.

Ruiz will return to the council next month to tell them what those option costs may be.