Confirmed: Tornado hit Oregon

Confirmed: Tornado hit Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. -- A YouNews reporter accurately spotted a tornado last week and reported the news on, the National Weather Service said Monday.

The twister tore a 150 foot wide path across 1.5 miles of rural countryside near Peoria, a Willamette Valley community between Harrisburg and Corvallis.

The weather service storm survey team visited the residence after learning of the event through KVAL News after a report from YouNews reporter mclaren22. The team found damage consistent with winds of 65 to 85 mph.

Forecasters had implemented a tornado warning for that part of Oregon earlier in the day.

Among the evidence found at the scene:

The storm blew a small shed-like structure 21 feet to the east, counter to the prevailing storm winds. That suggests rotation inside the storm.

The survey team also found circular carvings in the grass with a distinct path width of about 150 feet and path length of about 1.5 miles.

According to the Weather Service, the tornado hit at 3:35 p.m on Thursday, June 4, as storms moved north across Oregon delivering wind, rain, hail and lightning.

The storm produced EF0 winds on the Fujita scale used to measure tornadoes.