Arrested tourist lived in Cottage Grove

Arrested tourist lived in Cottage Grove »Play Video

NEAR COTTAGE GROVE, Ore -- One of the Americans arrested in Iran used to live in Lane County. Josh Fattal lived and worked near Cottage Grove at Aprovecho for about three years. KVAL News talked to one of his good friends.

Chris Foraker said he met Fattal six years ago on a study abroad trip. The two bonded immediately.

"Josh and I would have conversations like no one else," said Foraker.

They went to six countries to learn about sustainable living.

"He's always pushing his understanding of this world that we live in," said Foraker.

So it came as no surprise to him that his friend was at it again. This time, he was venturing to areas of conflict.
"Josh is a very curious person," said Foraker. "He is so interested in the world, he wants to eat the world whole."

Foraker said he isn't worried about his friend's safety.

"I don't think the Iranians are unintelligent people and I don't think that they are vicious people," said Foraker.

He just wants to see Fattal again soon so he can continue his friendship that's spanned so many years and so many continents.

"I still feel like he's here," said Foraker.

KVAL News talked to Fattal's mom Sunday morning.  She lives in Pennsylvania. She said she and her husband are only concerned about Josh and the other American's well being and health.