Medieval tournament in Creswell

Medieval tournament in Creswell
Creswell - The cost of living, at least for the weekend, is certainly inexpensive for one local group. That's because they're living in the medieval times.

From the jousting to the clothing, the folks at the Medieval Memorial day tournament are really making it a blast from the past.

Fighters and spectators cheer on a double elimination match at the tournament. "We are not a re-enactment group we do not re-enact events from certain time periods or we don't portray specific people we basically live life in the middle ages as it should have been," says Mauera Cethin.

Which means courting their women and fighting with honor. And knowing the hierarchy of the court, even this lowly reporter got a chance to meet royalty.

"Part of it is just shiniest you walk around you get to be the prince. People are just glad to have royalty around it's part of the game it makes it more real to them," says Prince Gabriel Luvedey.

The more realistic, the more organizers hope people will learn about the period. "There are also some wonderful values that were taught in the middle ages like courtesy, honor and chivalry that we think is important to instill in our children and to learn for ourselves," says Cethin.

One of the neat things about this event is everyone is dressed in period clothing but just about everything you see in the camp is also made by hand.

"We have a fellow that made the pullies so we can lower our lighting," says Lord Teadoir Raedulf.

From the lighting, to the tents, even their dinnerware is in Medieval fashion. But there are some modern adjustments.

"I made this chest, to hide my ice chest, botulism is period but you know we want to avoid it," says Raedulf.

But they say it's all a part of living the historical experience.
"It is a very fun exercise of being submersed in another time and another way of life," says Katrine Martel.

The annual event is put on by a non-profit called Society for Creative Anachronisms.