Shroud of mystery surrounds unopened safe from 1891

Shroud of mystery surrounds unopened safe from 1891 »Play Video
MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- There's some history and mystery in Marysville over an old safe -- a really old safe.

Mark Swinnerton bought it back in 1891 when he was Marysville's first mayor.

"In those days, banking wasn't what it is today," said Ken Cage with the Marysville Historical Society. "So he may have preferred to be his own banker, keep his money in it."

The safe now sits in the Marysville Historical Society's museum. So why don't they open it and find out?

Well, how's this for a problem:

"The combination is very plainly taped to the inside of the door," Cage said.

Sounds like a job for Geraldo Rivera. Some of you may remember April 1986 and Al Capone's vault. All they found after television frenzy and two sticks of dynamite was a couple of empty gin bottles.

But Mark Swinnerton's great grandson says his safe is his history and Marysville's history. Geraldo is not invited.

Don Saunders says open it, but only with the combination.

"But if they are going to drill that's out," said Don Saunders, who donated the safe. "It can't be damaged."

Nobody in Marysville knows exactly what to do. One suggestion: call a convict.

Most in Marysville feel the safe is probably empty. And several locksmiths have warned that tampering with it would lower its real and its historic value.