Power-Up Challenge at OSU: 'You can get better'

Power-Up Challenge at OSU: 'You can get better'

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Last year Teresa Hall fought for her life. Now, she's fighting for her health.
"I had two surgeries for cancer over the summer which now I have to get healthy from," said Hall. "I want to run my dog in agility. I can't do that without the stamina and the health."

Oregon State University recently launched a campus-wide wellness program. It's called the "Power-Up Challenge." Students, staff and faculty work with nutritionists, counselors and personal trainers to reach their personal wellness goals.

Hall, an OSU graphic designer, is one of 16 featured participants in the 19-week challenge.

Ken Westfall also signed up. He recently proposed to his girlfriend.

"I've always kind of wanted to be one of those guys that people look at and be like, 'that guy's in pretty good shape,' " he said.

The challenge isn't just about strengthening muscles. Participants meet with nutritionists and counselors to work on their emotional well-being.

For Hall, that means facing a hard fact.
"I think part of it is actually saying the word 'cancer'," said Hall. "You hear that as a death sentence, but I'm a survivor and part of what I'm going to learn and grow from is getting that message out that you can get better."

Westfall wants to improve his discipline.

"Taking this long to get through college has kind of made me realize I need to change what I'm doing," said Westfall. "I need to change my habits."

And he said it seems to be working.

"Working-out diligently has translated into being more diligent with my school work."

People will be following Hall and Westfall every stride of the way. They will blog about their progress, be it mind or muscle.