'There are bones everywhere out here'

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NEAR JUNCTION CITY, Ore. -- There are dead animals everywhere: An area off Love Lake Road has become a dumping ground for animal carcasses.

Carol Ivie said wants to change that.

"There are bones everywhere out here," said Ivie.

It's an animal graveyard.

"I found all the alpacas and a raccoon that's been skinned," said Ivie.

Ivie she was driving down an offshoot of River Road when she spotted the bodies.   
"It made me sick," said Ivie.

Now, she wants it to stop. Lane County Waste Management Specialist Jeff Bishop told KVAL News me they didn't know about the mound of bodies until somebody from the station called them.He went to the see the site for himself and to start the clean-up process. He said it's unusual because there are so many different kinds of animals at that location.

Nuisance Abatement Specialist Carolyn Young said this area is a common site for illegal dumping.

"I've been there many times this year," said Young.

The fine for illegal dumping like can be up to $300. Bishop said he didnot find any specific evidence of animal cruelty when he went to the scene. Crews are going to remove the bodies on Friday.