'If you're doing things the right way, you've got nothing to worry about'

'If you're doing things the right way, you've got nothing to worry about' »Play Video
Chip Kelly addresses the press Friday, Feb. 19.

EUGENE, Ore. -- University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly faced the press Friday, saying "we have had three incidents, and I think one is too many." Kelly said he waited to speak to the press until Friday because he hadn't spoke to LaMichael James until Thursday night.

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James wasn't the only player on Kelly's mind: He made reference to "three incidents" since Jan. 24.

"We have had three incidents, and I think one is too many," he said.

Among those incidents: Before the news of James' arrest broke, police revealed that kicker Rob Beard -- knocked unconscious and hospitalized after a street fight -- would face charges he assaulted a 19-year-old woman during the melee.

But Kelly shrugged off questions about media attention to the Ducks, who won the Pac-10 and lost to Ohio State in Rose Bowl in front of 15.5 million viewers nationwide.

"Whether you have a spotlight on you or whether you have a flashlight on you, if you're doing things the right way, you've got nothing to worry about," Kelly said.

He also tackled perceptions he was slower to respond to the arrest of James than he was to LeGarrette Blount's post-game punch.

"When a player does something wrong, then I've got to find out all the facts first, The reason I waited until today is I didn't talk to LaMichael James until last night," Kelly said.

By comparison, Kelly and Blount spoke the morning after the Boise State game, and Kelly had full access to video of the incident, he said, creating the perception he moved more swiftly to punish Blount.

"There won't be a rush to judgment," Kelly said. "They're not going to be punished immediately until I find out what's gone on with them."

Kelly revisited and expanded upon themes he addressed when he suspended -- and later reinstated -- Blount.

"I truly believe that playing football here is a privilege and with that privilege comes responsibility," Kelly said.

The coach outlined the rules of the team:

"Number one, you better be honest and you better tell us the truth because if I can't trust you, you can't play here," he said.

"Number two, don't do anything to embarrass yourself, your family or this University," he said.

"Number three, go to every class, tutor session, academic appointment, treatment, weight room, meetings and practice early, not on time, early, because I'm going to hold you to it," Kelly said. "I did not play kids in games this year because they did not go to class during the week."

Kelly also said he had dismissed two players from the program: Garrett Embry, who Kelly said he let go Jan. 8; and Matt Simms, who Kelly believed was kicked off the team Feb. 1.

"They violated team rules," Kelly said. "I'll deal with the other situations as I get all the information in, and the punishment will fit the crime."

Kelly, whose first season as head coach see-sawed wildly between lows like Blount's suspenion and highs like the run for the Rose Bowl, said despite his expectations for players, problems are to be expected.

"If we think there aren't going to be problems, then you're naive," he said. "We have 105 players on our team. Do I go to bed every night thinking 105 players are going to do the right thing? No. I worry every time my phone rings."