Release agreement: James can't go to school

Release agreement: James can't go to school »Play Video
Chip Kelly and LaMichael James

EUGENE, Ore. -- Chip Kelly is LaMichael James' football coach.

This week, he was also his one phone call.

Kelly said James called him when he was arrested. Kelly didn't answer. So James called the running back coach.
"I worry every time our phone rings," said Kelly.
Kelly said there have been three off-the-field incidents involving his players -- and that's three too many.

"People just think that when someone gets arrested, we don't care," said Kelly. "I don't know anyone that cares more than our coaching staff."
James was released Thursday on house arrest

That means he is not allowed to go within two miles of the alleged crime scene. In this case, it's his own apartment complex. According to court documents, James is staying at a house listed as the home of an athletic department employee. James is also required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet.

He has a curfew and must be home by 6 p.m.

And, per the agreement that got him out of jail, James cannot go to the University of Oregon campus.

KVAL News asked Kelly what that meant for James' eligibility.  

Coach Kelly said they're still trying to figure that out.

James' lawyer has filed a motion asking James be allowed at the Jaqua Center for tutoring, the Casanova Center for training and campus for class.

A judge is scheduled to hear that motion on Tuesday.

As for what's next for the James on the field, Coach Kelly said that's up to the courts, too.

"I think sometimes we have to wait until we exactly find out the whole story when we get all the information and then we will make a decision," said Kelly.