Fans vent frustration about Ducks in cyberspace

Fans vent frustration about Ducks in cyberspace »Play Video
A photo montage combined at least three images -- one of Jeremiah Masoli, another of Mac laptops, and a third of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house -- to create a clever forgery.

EUGENE, Ore. -- A writeup about Jeremiah Masoli splashed on celebrity gossip site might be an indication things in Eugene have gotten out of hand.

The Ducks have not only become tabloid fodder but the target of anger -- and victims of some creative PhotoShop chops.
There are altered images of Masoli running with a laptop and a mock media guide, showing the Ducks lined up in jumpsuits.
Gone are the days when "I Love my Ducks" ruled the Eugene airwaves. That song is now at the butt of some jokes.

Remember the lyric, "Holy moly/is that my boy Masoli/cooking up the offense like he's cooking ravioli?"

One member of Facebook changed those up a little. He writes, "Holy Moly. Is that my boy Masoli? Running out of a frat house committing burglar-oli?"

Another play off "I Love My Ducks" are the "I Love My Thugs" shirts. Kurt Vonderehe, one of the creators, said they've sold about 2,500 shirts and sweatshirts. They show a cartoon picture of a duck behind bars.

"We came up with the idea once everybody started getting in trouble," he said.

Vonderehe said the shirts are meant as a joke -- to keep fans spirits up.

"We said look, what a great opportunity to pick up the spirits up move on, get past it, and make light of the whole situation," he said.

The mood isn't so light in other parts of cyberspace. Numerous Facebook groups criticize the ducks for their behavior -- and one rapper posted a song on YouTube where he calls Masoli a traitor.

For anyone who has ever proudly sported green and yellow, this Facebook post might say it the best: "Man, tough week to be a Duck."