Swat! Bam! Mosquitoes hatch early this year

Swat! Bam! Mosquitoes hatch early this year »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Ross Penhallegon with the OSU Extension service says we could be seeing more mosquitoes this season than usual.

Mosquitoes are hatching about two weeks early this year. Penhallegon says this could mean more mosquitoes in the area for a longer amount of time.

"Here it is April," he says. "So we have April, May, June, July and -- holy moly! Five months of mosquitoes out."

The reason for hatching early? Penhallegon says it's the warmer weather. "If we look at the temperatures, we're ahead of normal," he says. "So again, the tree fruits are ahead, the blooms are ahead, so actually the insects are ahead also."

Penhallogen says With mosquitoes comes the potential for West Nile Virus. He says while you can't change the weather, residents can help change its outcome in this case.

He says people should go outside and look for any places that might have standing water -- like a bucket, an old tire, or empty flower pot. Dump the water out. This gives mosquito larvae less places to live and kills the ones already living inside.

"That's a lot of mosquitoes to be taken care of that quickly," says Penahallogen. He says there's no reason to be alarmed at this point -- just aware.

He says with some effort what has the potential to be a bad mosquito season doesn't have to be so bad after all.