Oregon police shoot and kill bull attacking man

Oregon police shoot and kill bull attacking man

ST. HELENS, Ore. - Police shot and killed a bull Sunday evening as the animal attacked a man and tossed the victim over 10 feet in the air.

The victim, Homero Cortez Ortega, 38, was taken by air ambulance to a Portland hospital with serious abdominal injuries.

On Sunday evening, Trooper Justin Oxenrider was patrolling along Highway 30 when some people flagged him down to report a bull attacking a man in a field east of the highway.

About 80 yards away from the fenceline, Oxenrider could see a man on the ground with a large bull standing over him. 

Oxenrider grabbed his patrol shotgun, and Columbia County Deputy Dave Peabody arrived on scene armed with an AR-15 rifle. The two officers ran to the fence line, which put them about 40 yards from the injured man.

As the officers worked on a plan to get the bull away from the injured man, the bull suddenly lifted the man off the ground and tossed him about 10 to 15 feet into the air. 

Using their weapons, Oxenrider and Peabody shot the bull several times, causing it to move away from the man.

The man remained motionless on the ground with open stomach wounds. 

Reserve Deputy Greg Brody, who is a full time area firefighter, arrived on scene and provided initial emergency medical care while Oxenrider, Peabody and a passerby shot and subsequently killed the bull.