Holiday weekend travel alert: Fatal crash on Hwy 97

Oregon State Police report a fatal traffic crash at the Highway 97 and Highway 197 junction in Wasco County has partially blocked the roads. Police reported the crash included two vehicles.

Traffic updates may be found at .

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The following construction report is for July 2-9, 2010, and includes ODOT highways in Josephine, Jackson, Coos, Curry and Douglas counties. Projects are listed in the following order: HIGHWAY, LOCATION, project name. Highway names, locations and project costs are added in parenthesis as appropriate.
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway) Exit 14 Greensprings Interchange ($8 million) and Exit 19 ($5.7 million)
No traffic impacts. Projects will begin later this month.
I-5 Exit 14- Greensprings Hwy
  • Construction will widen the bridge over I-5 to three lanes and add sidewalks, bike lanes and signals at end of off-  ramp.
I-5 Exit 19 –South Valley View Drive
  • New bridge over I-5 will be built just to the north of existing structure. New bridge will include three lanes and 10’ multi purpose shoulders.
HIGHWAY 234 (Sams Valley Highway) Historic Rock Point Bridge rehabilitation project ($3.9 million)
Bridge is now open to single lane traffic from I-5. Detour routes are in place.
Work will continue through the summer behind barrier
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway) Exit 35 Seven Oaks Interchange and CORP bridges ($24 million)
Work continues behind barrier. Watch for periodic lane closures at night in the southbound lanes.
Speed limit still 55 MPH in the interstate work zone. Watch for equipment entering and leaving the work zone.
HIGHWAY 140 (Lake of the Woods Highway) –Blackwell/Kirtland intersection ($1.9 million)
Watch for shoulder closures. This project realigns the intersection so traffic between White City and I-5 Exit 35 will have priority. Traffic coming from Gold Hill on Blackwell Road will
HIGHWAY 140 (Lake of the Woods) MP 8-0 and HIGHWAY 62 (Crater Lake) ($6.9 million) pavement preservation project
Contractor will be back on the highway this week installing signal loops to the intersection of Vilas Rd. and Highway 62 Wednesday and Thursday nights. Watch for flaggers and expect short delays in the night time hours.
Interstate 5 (Pacific Highway) Northbound MP 1 Chain-up Area Illumination & Sign Upgrades ($267,000)
Watch for closed shoulder and construction vehicles entering and exiting roadway
HIGHWAY 199 (Redwood Highway) northbound passing lane MP 10-11.35 ($1 million)
Watch for shoulder closures as additional lane is constructed off the main roadway. Watch for slow moving construction-related truck traffic entering and exiting work zone.
This project builds a northbound passing lane near Wonder between Elliot Creek Road and Round Prairie Road.
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway) MP 55 and 61 ($24 million) Merlin Interchange/Louse Creek bridge and Exit 55 bridge replacements
Traffic is back on its original alignment. Watch for equipment entering and leaving workzone as finish work continues, including the dismantling of temporary bridges.
  • I-5 over Merlin Road (exit 61 at Louse Creek): Traffic on permanent alignment. Watch for intermitent lane closures through next week for finish work.
  • Merlin Road under I-5: Flagging resumes next week on Merlin-Galice Road for demolition of temporary bridge.
  • I-5 at East Grants Pass Interchange (exit 55): Traffic is now on its permanent alignment on the new structures. Please drive carefully through the work zone. Speed limit is 55 MPH through zone.
US 101 (Oregon Coast Highway), MP 233.4 to 234.5, McCullough Bridge (North Bend) Rehab ($31 million)
Expect intermittent nighttime lane closures. The speed limit on the bridge is reduced to 35 mph. Drive with caution in the work area.
The sidewalk on the east (northbound) side of McCullough Bridge is reduced to 2 feet, 9 inches in width through the work zone. The west sidewalk will be closed through the end of 2010.
US 101 (Oregon Coast Highway), MP 259.7, Bullards Bridge Rehabilitation
Expect intermittent daytime single-lane closures and brief delays throughout the summer. Traffic will be controlled by flaggers as needed. Motorists should slow down in the project area and watch for speed limit signage.
OR 42 (Coos Bay-Roseburg Highway), MP 5-41, Bundle 405: Beaver Creek to Middle Fork Coquille River bridge repairs ($3.6 million)
This project repairs nine bridges along OR 42 in Coos County. Expect intermittent lane closures on OR 42 between mile point 5 and mile point 41 throughout the spring and summer.
At mile point 23.5 (near Powers Junction), construction is complete. No more traffic impacts expected at this location.
At mile point 25.7 (near Indian Creek Road), Highway 42 will be reduced to a single lane with traffic controlled by signal.
At mile point 26.7 (Endicott Creek), no traffic impacts this week.
At mile point 30.6 (near Bridge), no traffic impacts this week.
At mile point 37.3 (near Sandy Creek), watch for intermittent lane closures with traffic controlled by flaggers.
US 101 (Oregon Coast Highway), MP 303.9, Kobernik Slide Complex (Unit 1) -- Rocky Point Hump
Expect lane closures with traffic controlled by flaggers.
US 101 (Oregon Coast Highway), MP 306.1, Kobernik Slide Complex (Unit 1) -- North Brush Creek Hump
No traffic impacts are expected this week.
US 101 (Oregon Coast Highway), MP 310.3, Kobernik Slide Complex (Unit 1) -- Brush Creek Rockfall
No traffic impacts are expected this week.
US 101 (Oregon Coast Highway), MP 317, Euchre Creek Bridge ($4.4 million)
Watch for intermittent weekday lane closures with traffic controlled by flaggers. Watch for trucks and heavy equipment.
US 101 (Oregon Coast Highway), MP 330-348, Panorama Drive to Thomas Creek Preservation ($7.2 million)
Expect intermittent lane and shoulder closures between mile point 330 and 348 due to survey and guardrail work. Traffic will be controlled by flaggers as needed.
US 101 at Constitution Way (Oregon Coast Highway), MP 357-362 ($1.7 million)
Watch for traffic control devices on North Bank Road (US 101, mile point 357.7).
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway), MP 148-169, Rice Hill Frontage Road to Comstock Cemetery Road (Bundle 309)
At mile post 168-170, watch for roadside work crews and equipment.
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway), MP 154-164, Elkhead Rd. to Bear Creek bridge repairs (Bundle 508)
Watch for roadside work crews, equipment, and construction vehicles exiting and entering the travel lanes at all three locations.
·   I-5 over Bear Creek (MP 163.4)
·   I-5 over Curtis Creek (MP 156.5)
·   I-5 over Elkhead Rd. (MP 154.5)
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway), MP 129.0, North Umpqua River Bridges (Winchester) repair
Watch for construction signage.
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway), MP 123, Portland Avenue (Douglas County Fairgrounds interchange) Bridge repair
On I-5, expect intermittent nighttime lane closures. Watch for construction signage and temporary concrete barrier placed along the northbound right shoulder and temporary barrels along left shoulder.
On Portland Avenue, watch for intermittent lane closures with traffic controlled by flaggers. Expect brief delays.
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway), MP 121, McLain Avenue Bridge replacement
Watch for intermittent nighttime lane closures at mile point 121. Watch for work crews in the median and trucks entering and exiting the travel lanes.
The southbound on-ramp at exit 121 (McLain Avenue) is closed until October. Motorists exiting the Douglas County landfill and heading south should detour north on I-5 and turn south at exit 123 (Fairgrounds). Watch for detour signs.
On McLain Avenue under I-5, expect intermittent lane closures with traffic controlled by flaggers.
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway), MP 119.9 to 121.0, I-5 Overcrossing: South Umpqua River & OR 99 (Shady)
The speed limit on I-5 has been reduced to 55 mph in the project area. The southbound off- and on-ramps at exit 120 are closed until fall. Informational signs will provide advance notice.
INTERSTATE 5 (Pacific Highway), MP 111-113 southbound, shoulder paving work
Southbound motorists on I-5 should expect daily lane closures at mile point 112 through early July due to shoulder paving work. The closures will extend from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Dillard-area motorists are advised to use caution when merging into the single lane of southbound I-5 traffic at exit 112 (Dillard Highway). Motorists can also get on I-5 at exit 113 (Clarks Branch). Watch for message boards and traffic control devices in the work zone.
OR 42 (Coos Bay-Roseburg Highway), MP 69.3-72.5, Hoover Hill to Lookingglass Creek
Expect intermittent lane closures. Flaggers will provide traffic control throughout the project area. Watch for construction signage. Watch for trucks entering and exiting the highway.
OR 138E (North Umpqua Highway), MP 0.0 - 1.1, utility work
Expect nighttime lane closures (6:30 p.m. to 6 a.m.) between Jackson Street and Rifle Range Road from July 11 until the end of August.
OR 138E (North Umpqua Highway), MP 6-10, maintenance work
Expect intermittent lane closures the week of July 19-23 due to fog seal work.
OR 138E (North Umpqua Highway), MP 37.1, Williams Creek Fish Passage
This project will replace the culvert at Williams Creek with a new bridge.
Highway 38 traffic is reduced to a single lane during construction. A temporary traffic signal is in operation. Flaggers will provide additional traffic control as necessary.
OR 230 (West Diamond Lake Highway), MP 0-12, Bridge repair work
  • Highway 230 is reduced to one lane at the Rogue River Bridge (mile point 5). A temporary signal will provide traffic control until October. Flaggers will provide additional traffic control as necessary.