Poison oak poses a trailside peril

Poison oak poses a trailside peril »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Don't spend summer itching or scratching: watch out for the plants that can make summer uncomfortable.    

In the Eugene and Springfield area, you could run into poison oak along your favorite hiking trail, like at Mount Pisgah or Mount Baldy on the Ridgeline Trail.

"Some people have a real hard time with it, others not at all," said Diana Lamboy, a family nurse practitioner at PeaceHealth. "It affects about 50 percent of the population."

KVAL News asked Lamboy how to treat a rash.

"If you know you've come into contact, you can wash with soap and water, because it's an oil, within an hour to get that off of you," Lamboy said.

If you can't wash - and you do get a rash - use over-the-counter Cortisone or anti-histamine creams to treat the itch. Don't scratch: that can cause infection.

You might even want to visit a doctor's office.

"If it's on your face, in your private areas, or in your eyes, those are times you'll want to get medical attention and have it treated more aggressively," Lamboy said.

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