Family: Terri Horman failed polygraphs

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Kaine Horman, left, and Desiree Young speak at an afternoon press conference Thursday. Once again they pleaded with Terri Horman to cooperate in the search for Kyron.

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PORTLAND, Ore. - Desiree Young, the biological mother of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman, said during an afternoon news conference Thursday she knows his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, is lying, and the boy's father said that Terri failed two polygraph tests.

“I’ve known her a long time. I know she’s lying,” Desiree said with Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman, standing by her side at a hotel in Beaverton.

“I think everyone knows she took two polygraphs,” Kaine said. “She has not passed those polygraphs.”

Desiree and Kaine said they also took polygraph tests and “passed with flying colors.”

The family once again said that Terri is still not cooperating with police.

“Terri is not taking an active role in finding Kyron,” Desiree said and reiterated her two previous pleas with Terri “to do the right thing” and cooperate.

To a question to what the right thing would be, Desiree said, “being honest.” Kaine said, “whatever the truth is, we cannot speculate on. But whatever it is, she needs to get it out there.”

Desiree expressed her frustration that Terri has not been cooperating with the investigation to find Kyron.

“I can’t say it enough that Kyron is still out there and he needs to be home and it’s extremely frustrating that she is not cooperating,” Desiree said. “Unfortunately, I’m kind of at that point where I’m so angry I don’t even have words.”

The comments from the family came on the same day a judge released a previously sealed restraining order that Kaine obtained against Terri.

In that restraining order Kaine said he believes Terri is involved in the disappearance of Kyron.

During the news conference, Kaine characterized coming to that conclusion as “a point in time decision” that was made after he received a lot of information from authorities.

The restraining order was released Thursday afternoon after prosecutor Norman Frink wrote Judge Keith Meisenheimer on Wednesday, telling him that he no longer could stand by his opposition to keeping the order sealed.

"Given the media coverage over the past long weekend, the Multnomah County Major Crimes Team could no longer stand by its assertion in my affidavit of July 2 that unsealing the sealed matters before you would undermine our on-going criminal investigation," he wrote.

On Monday, June 28, Kaine filed for divorce and obtained the restraining order against Terri. Two days earlier he moved out of the family’s home, taking the couple’s 19-month-old daughter with him.

According to the restraining order, Kaine was informed by authorities that Terri had allegedly planned to hire a landscaper to kill him.

In a court document filed Thursday, Kaine said he wants Terri evicted from their house because it is important to provide their daughter with “stability and consistency”. He also said it will be important for Kyron to be in the family home “once he is located.”

The judge has scheduled a hearing for Terri to fight eviction on July 22.

Kaine and Desiree said again Thursday that their focus is on finding Kyron and they're not giving up until he's home safe.

"I believe that God's looking over Kyron and protecting him right now and that gives me hope," Desiree said. "I pray everyday for his strength and my strength."

When asked why someone might hurt Kyron or keep him away from his family, Desiree said they’ve been asking themselves that same question.

“Why Kyron? He’s such a gorgeous, smart, intelligent, funny little guy. Why? Why him?”

As for whether someone else could be involved in Kyron’s disappearance, they said they couldn’t speculate on that.

Kyron’s parents spoke about how appreciative they are of the support they have received from the community. There is a planned vigil at Kyron’s Wall of Hope outside Skyline School Friday evening at 8. His parents said they are planning to attend.

Kyron disappeared June 4 after attending a science fair. Investigators say Terri was the last known person to have seen him. The search for the Skyline School second-grader is now a criminal investigation but no suspects have been named and no arrests have been made.

KATU News reporters Dan Tilkin and Anita Kissée contributed to this report.