'I fought Darth Vader for a second time'

'I fought Darth Vader for a second time'

EUGENE, Ore. - Like many 8 year olds, Candon Biggs loves showing off his Disney and Star Wars toys.

But unlike other kids, another of his prized possession is his medicine book listing all the pills and chemotherapy he is taking to fight his cancer.

"Look how much medicine I gotta go through," he says, looking at the book.

After bouts with H1N1 flu and pneumonia, doctors diagnosed Candon with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last October.

"I kind of had in my mindset, OK, this is what it is," says Christa Allgood, Candon's mother. "How do we fix it."

Allgoo says a blur of spinal taps, chemotherapy and bone marrow biopsies followed Candon's diagnosis, all steps to kill the cancer in Candon's blood.

"It is kind of one of those things that you have to think about one day at a time," she says, "because if you think about the whole picture it's really overwhelming."

In the middle of the heartbreak and sickness, Make-a-Wish gave Candon's family a moment of pure joy: a special presenation, Darth Vader helped tell Candon that he would be going to Jedi training at Disneyworld.

"I got to meet every cartoon character you could possibly think of," Candon said of his trip.

Candon's entire family flew to Florida, and Candon received red carpet treatment on the plane, at the parks - every step of the way.

"I got to do my Jedi training," Candon says, "and I fought Darth Vader for a second time."