Wasps 'bizzy' stinging people after mild winter

Wasps 'bizzy' stinging people after mild winter

EUGENE, Ore. -  Suzanna Fitch's sons Matthew and Nathan have both been stung multiple times this summer.

"I was running around playing at my friend's house, and one just crawled on me and stung me on the arm," said Matthew Fitch, Suzanna's 8- year-old son.

"We usually see them every summer, and they've never acted the way they're acting this summer," said Suzanna Fitch.

The infamous yellow jacket wasp is making an appearance early in the Willamette Valley this summer.

Exterminators in the Willamette Valley are responding to three to five calls for yellow jacket nests in the area everyday.

"They're about 2 months early this year, I've been getting calls for at least 7 weeks now," said David Ottovich.

After a mild December and January, Mother Nature did not kill off a lot of the queens as usual.

"Right now the colonies are just huge, and the bees are huge and they're more aggressive than usual," Ottovich said.

If you spot a Yellow jacket nest, exterminators urge residents to leave the work to the professionals.

"It's not worth saving a few bucks and spending 10 times that much in the hospital," Ottovich said.

If you are stung by a Yellow jacket, doctors said you can use meat tenderizer to counteract the venom.