A new look for students going to 'Dos Rios'

A new look for students going to 'Dos Rios'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- The recently closed doors of Springfield Middle school are set to reopen for Elementary students this fall as Two Rivers, or "Dos Rios" Elementary School. Before the primary students can hit the halls of Dos Rios the school district is renovating the hallways, changing lockers into cubbies.

Dos Rios incorporates students from Brattain and Moffitt Elementary Schools, which were closed last year due to budget cuts. These district-wide cuts closed Springfield Middle School last year.

Springfield School District official Jeff Defranco lead KVAL cameras through the halls for a sneak peek of the freshly renovated school. Defranco said that the district wants the transferred students to feel welcome at their new school.

"When the students are leaving Brafttain and Moffit who love their schools, walk into Dos Rios, I want them to say, I love my new school. And for them to feel like it's a brand new school for them and I think that's what we're going to deliver." said Defranco.

Defranco said that the district spent $750,000 renovating Springfield Middle School into a usable elementary. The district was quoted at over $16,000,000 if they were going to build a brand new school building.