'Everyone's gone their own ways, and here we are today'

'Everyone's gone their own ways, and here we are today'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Decades have passed, and hundreds of athletes have come and gone through Albion College's track and field team. Retired head coach Dave Egnatuk coached at the liberal arts school in Michigan school for 36 years.

However, he found a way of keeping in touch with his former athletes. Egnatuk has been organizing a reunion at every U.S. Olympic Track Trials since 1988.

"The trials were in Indianapolis from where we were in Michigan. It was about a three and a half hour drive," said Egnatuk.

From 1988 and on,  it has became a tradition with a reunion every four years - no matter where the trials are held. 
"It's a great opportunity for us to share our love of track and field and also to get together, a mini reunion," said Egnatuk.

The 2012 Track Trials in Eugene have brought together past runners from all decades.

"I came in 1988 and I was part of the first group that went and saw the trials. We saw Florence Griffith-Joyner who set the record in the 100 which still stands today which was pretty awesome," said Ron Lessard from the class of 1982.

"It's nice to keep with each other outside of school and everyone's gone their own ways and here we are today," said alum Jamie Boyd.

It's a time to spend together and share memories with alums - new and old.

"Back in the 80's we had four undefeated teams, it was really special. And getting back to see these athletes, the world's best ... there's nothing like it," said Scott Harrison from the class of 1983.

"It's an an emotional sport. You get to see everybody trying their hardest. The heartbreak and the victories you have, you share them as a team because you're always there to support each other," said John Jacisin of the class of 2012.