Girl collects books for school library

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ALBANY, Ore. - As 10-year-old Karlie Giulliot pushes her cart full of books around Albany, she has one purpose in mind.

"To make the children happy," Guilliot said, "so they'll be looking forward to checking out books."

Guilliot's dream is to fill some of the empty shelves at Tangent Elementary School's library with more books.

"The first time I came in here I told my mom that the library was small," Giulliot said. "And she said, do something about it, so I did."

Guilliot then decided to start passing out fliers in her neighborhood asking for book donations.

The fourth-grader pulled her wagon around from door step to door step and picked up book donations left there by the residents.

"I got a lot more than I expected," Guilliot said.

Within a matter of weeks, she came up with more than 300 chapter books and picture books.

Kids at Tangent Elementary School looked through the books for the first time this week.

As the students scoured through tall piles of books, Guilliot looked on in amazement.
"It feels good to see kids taking my books and looking at them," Guilliot said.

The fourth grader said this is only the beginning of her book collecting cause.

"I'm going to try and collect more books throughout the school year," Guilliot said.

Guilliot said the future donations will go to either Tangent Elementary or Takena Elementary.

In addition to books, people also donated school supplies and money.

Guilliot said she plans to use the money to purchase more books for the library.

If you would like to donate books, you can drop them off at Liberty Elementary School at 2345 Southwest Liberty Street in Albany.