Albany girl's game wins $10K CLIF Kid grand prize

Albany girl's game wins $10K CLIF Kid grand prize »Play Video

ALBANY, Ore. - It is not unusual to hear laughter coming from the Yeager family's backyard in Albany.

But nowadays, the kids are playing a game that 7-year-old Abigail Yeager created herself.

Yeager calls her game "North Pole, South Pole."

"Players pretend to be persistent penguins in this pleasant polar pastime!" according to the game's description.

She thought of the game after reading a book about Antarctica.

"Each person is in their gunny sack and they move however they can," Yeager said."Then they pick up their fish, or water balloons, and they bring it back to their home base."

Abigail's mother, Jennifer, thought the idea was so clever that she decided to enter the game in the CLIF Kid Backyard Game Contest.

"You never know," Jennifer Yeager said. "I mean everyone in my family thought that it was a long shot."

Yeager and 5 other finalists competed for the top spot. In the end, her game won her a $10,000 grand prize.

In addition to the cash grand prize, Yeager also won a bicycle at the contest.

Yeager said she doesn't know if she's going to invent anymore games, but she would like to be an artist when she grows up.