Albany landmark falls to mixed reviews

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Recovery boiler No. 4 implodes, Sunday ,July 22, 2012, at the site of the Albany Paper Mill in Millersburg, Ore. The mill was closed down by International Paper in 2009 eliminating jobs. (AP Photo/Albany Democrat-Herald, Mark Ylen)

ALBANY, Ore. -- An iconic Albany landmark was laid to rubble Sunday morning when a demolition crew took down part of the International Paper mill alongside Interstate 5.

International Paper announced its plans to bring down the 175-foot tower structure in Millersburg (near Albany) last week. The building has been idle since the plant closed in 2009. Hundreds of employees were laid off because of that closure.

Just after dawn on Sunday hundreds more lined the highway to watch the local landmark come down. For people like the Dixon family, the main draw was the excitement of seeing the implosion.

"You really see how much Albany gets together when there's something going boom." Brieanna Dixon said. "Everyone likes an explosion!"

Others, like Terri Glover, saw the falling tower as an ending of an era. The Millersburg paper mill has been a staple in the community 

"It will be a sad thing not to come down the freeway and see it there." Glover said.

Glover's father worked at the paper mill in tower for over 30 years, well before it was purchased by International Paper in 2008. Glover's father retired from his work at the mill due to cancer. He passed away last February.

"It is very sad, because part of my dad is there," Glover said. "It is part of my family."

Pieces of the building will be recycled for scrap metal purposes. However the future use is still unclear for the 900-acre property where the mill once stood.


Implosion video released from the Albany Fire Department