Albany's rebuilt American Legion post faces financial crisis

Albany's rebuilt American Legion post faces financial crisis »Play Video
Some of the decor seen around Albany's American Legion Post 10 after it was reopened Flag Day 2013.

ALBANY, Ore. -- It’s been less than a year since the Albany American Legion Post was rebuilt after it had been completely destroyed by fire.

After a lengthy arson investigation workers began resurrecting Legion Post 10 from the ashes, but officials say the building is now facing big financial trouble.

Insurance covered only two-thirds of the $1.5 million replacement cost, but the legion had to take out a $600,000 loan to pay the rest.

Legion vice commander Timothy Beach started a fundraising campaign to help cover the monthly $4,000 loan payments after finding restaurant, lounge and flag sales were not generating enough revenue.

“It’s possible within 90 days that we have to make a great decision, whether we're going to sustain this post, or whether we're going to go under,” said Beach.

The legion is looking to the internet for help by setting up a fundraising campaign website. Commanders hope to raise all $600,000 to retire the debt or at least enough to cover the monthly $4,000 tab.