County bans alcohol at Willamette River boat landing

County bans alcohol at Willamette River boat landing

EUGENE, Ore. - Lane County Commissioners are saying no to alcohol at a boat landing and park in north Eugene.

The ban affects

Whitely Landing by the Willamette River

in the Santa Clara area.
Neighbors of Whitely Landing say the problems drinking and rowdy behavior have gotten worse in recent years

Commissioners voted 3 to 2 to pass the booze ban.

The landing is a sparse, small park with access to the Willamette River, a vault toilet and a picnic table.

One neighbor told KVAL News that since they are a small corner of the county, she thought getting any action from officials would be a longshot.

"We didn't think that anything like that would be put into effect," Illyia Lozowick said, "but since it has been, we're really like, stoked, and we hope that something good's going to come of it."

Lane County Parks Manager Mike Russell said the department doesn't like limiting park uses but that neighbors, the Santa Clara Community group and the Sheriff's Office all lobbied for the action.  

"Going to the park and fishing and having a beer while you're fishing is kind of a normal activity and to ban that, it does impact park users," he said.

Whitely Landing will join Baker Bay campground at Dorena Lake as the two Lane County parks with alcohol bans.

Opponents to the ban say other steps should have been considered to control rowdy behavior at the park.

Russell said the alcohol ban will be reevaluated next year at this time.