And the healthiest county in Oregon is ...

And the healthiest county in Oregon is ... »Play Video

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Benton County has been ranked Oregon's healthiest county in a state-by-state study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The report compares counties for overall health and performance. Lane was 18th of Oregon's 33 participating counties; Douglas 30th. Sherman, Gilliam and Wheeler counties were not ranked.

Researchers measured how long people live; their reported health behaviors, like smoking, diet and exercise, and alcohol use; along with access to health care.

Benton County health officials said coming in first is great, but it doesn't mean they can be complacent.

"This does not mean that everyone in Benton County is healthy," said Charlie Fautin, deputy director of the Benton County Health Department. "It really is the entire community, the economics, the education, the social support systems within the county."

Officials said there's always room for improvement, especially concerning adequate housing and access to healthy foods.