Bars, restaurants prep for Alamo Bowl bustle

Bars, restaurants prep for Alamo Bowl bustle »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- While the Oregon football team are preparing to take the field in San Antonio Monday for the Alamo Bowl, local bars and restaurants are gearing up for surge of fans hoping to catch the game back in Eugene.

Managers of the two restaurants our reporters visited today said the 3:45 p.m. kickoff is an odd time to host the west coast audiences.

Jeff Brown manages the Wild Duck café and said he’s confident they can handle whatever rush fans throw at them between lunch and dinner.

"We’ve double stocked everything. If you could see our cooler it's full of food ready to go, and by the end of the week it's going to be all gone," said Brown. “We have a real flexible staff. Call them to make sure we have our food all ready to go when it needs to be and then making sure everyone's on the same page."

Brown says they plan on dropping a 20-foot projector screen as a compliment to it's other flat screen TVs.

Side-Bar bartender Jonah Melton said despite the awkward afternoon start, he expects places across town to be packed. 

“We're doing everything. We got three more kegs coming in. We've staffed 5 extra people, pulling in extra dishes. We're expecting a packed house,” said Melton.

He said they are bringing in three extra cooks to handle the food rush and several bussers to refresh the thousands of plates, glasses and silverware used through the game.

Both managers say if you plan to watch the game at a restaurant, many places won't be taking reservations. They advise people arrive early as seating will be limited.